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WE SEE YOUR VISIONAnd we love to make it happen !

Priority Project Resources, Inc. (PPR) serves Indiana cities, towns, and county governments with Certified Grant Writing and Grant Administration on municipal funded projects via Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and other state and federally funded programs such as OCRA, IDEM, INDOT, USDA, and DNR.

One of the most significant factors in implementing capital improvement projects is the obtainment of financing. As your Certified Grant Writer and Grant administrator, we can be most beneficial. Since we began assisting communities, over $60 million dollars in grant and low interest funding has been obtained
as a direct result of the work completed by our firm.

PPR has a vast amount of information about numerous state and federal grant programs.
Our expertise allows us to easily direct our clients through the grant funding world.

Let PPR serve as your Certified Grant Writing and Grant Administration to help you secure grant funding in a timely and cost effective manner.

PPR's ultimate goal is to provide you with the "resources" needed
to make your "priority project" a reality.

ABOUT OUR APPROACHFrom Shannon McLeod, Owner and Grant Writer

Priority Project Resources, Inc. (PPR) is privileged to work with so many great communities and not-for-profits as their Certified Grant Writing and Grant Administration for a variety of capital improvement projects.

Although each project is unique; all required funding to complete. Identifying and securing these funds is one of PPR’s specialties.

Upon request, PPR will come to your community to discuss your project goals. We will discover where you are at in the process; is your project in the “conceptual phase” or are you ready to “start moving dirt”?

Then we will help you identify the state and federal funding programs that are compatible with your project’s scope. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of each program; addressing such things as percentage of obtainment, time-frame, local match commitment and environmental requirements. All of this is done to help your community make the best funding decisions.

Once the funding path has been decided, PPR will enter into a contract with your community to complete your funding applications and guide you through the rules and regulations. We’ve been there a hundred times before; we know what to expect, how to fix it and ultimately how to deliver the funds. Our goal is to eliminate your worries and simply allow you to concentrate on the successful completion of your project.

SUCCESS STORIESJust a few of the many successfully completed projects in which PPR was the funding coordinator.